Hand Carry Service Decdicated Service Freight Logistic Warehouse Service

With this service, it’s personal hands-on attendance all the way through, from collection until delivery arrives at recipient.  An assigned Chapman Freeborn staff will particularly buy an air ticket, on board the aircraft with your consignment, clear customs and deliver to the recipient by hand.  Always on the fastest and shortest route.  Secure, safe, handle with care, and confidentiality assured.


All necessary resources will be pre-arranged and well prepared in this service, so your consignment would move smoothly all the way without a moment’s delay.  Particularly assigned trucks to pick up, prompt uploading express cargo freight, speedy customs clearance enabled through pre-clearance documents processing by broker at destination, and a truck standing by to deliver your consignment to recipient.


All buyers need JIT (just-in-time) deliveries nowadays but their respective JITs are all different.  Crucial spare parts are required for replacements at un-foreseen times in different locations and no predictable quantities.  But cost economy dictates you must produce in bulk and be ready well before the critical time of need. 
The Logistic Warehouse Service is to resolve all these headaches.  We put your mind in peace by collecting your productions all at once and keep inventory for you at its warehouse.  Dispatches for you the right quantities to the right buyers when the right time comes, or at any times of sudden requirements.